Emotional regulation

Anger Management – When people say they hate confrontation, they often mean they don’t like fighting. That’s good, but we need to look at confronting problems and find solutions, rather than trying to ignore or bury problems.

Relationship issues
How we get along with our families, friends, colleagues. Sometimes we choose the people in our lives, sometimes we don’t but we still have to get along with them. We can discuss strategies to enhance and maintain positive relationships with a wide variety of people.

Health-related concerns
Whether dealing with a discrete medical issue or a chronic concern, psychological help is often invaluable in creating an emotional safety net to support the health issues.

Marital/Family issues, including separation, divorce, and blended families. Every relationship has its problems; therapy is a powerful tool to get relationships to flourish without sacrificing the individuality of each person involved.
Meeting with the couple or family helps bring each person’s perspective and concerns to the fore, affording the opportunity to address and resolve issues that detract from the relationships.

Parenting Issues
Learning how to be the parent without being too authoritative, and how to develop and maintain appropriate consequences for children at each stage of development. Knowing when a child needs help outside the family framework.

Work and Career Issues
Strategies for maintaining good relationships in the workplace are key to employment success. Other issues may include decisions about educational and job opportunities and choices.